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Fused Silica Flour - 200 mesh for Primary Slurry
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Attn: Foundry Manager


It is my please to introduce myself as the South Asia Territory Manager at Buntrock Industries, Inc. We are one of the leading suppliers of raw materials and machines used in the investment casting process for the last 40 years. You can read more about us at www.buntrockindustries.com.

Most investment casting foundries use Zircon Flour for making the primary slurry. Zircon continues to be in short supply and the prices are rising. We are thus promoting the use of Fused Silica flour in your primary slurry because of the following advantages:

1) Particle shape – one of the main differences in our quality is better particles shape when compared to Indian or Chinese Fused Silica which is important in a primary slurry.
2) Decrease in material consumption – Fused Silica’s density is roughly half of Zircon’s density. If you replace 20% Zircon flour in your primary slurry batch with Fused Silica, you’ll need lesser material by weight. For example if your slurry mix had 50 kgs of Zircon and we try and replace 10 kgs then you would need to add around 6 kgs of Fused Silica flour to achieve your existing viscosities and flow properties.
3) Increased permeability and porosity – Zircon is very dense. Fused Silica is lighter and does not pack as tightly as Zircon which is why it helps in improving the permeability of your shell. It is also more porous.
4) Easier knock-out – Fused Silica knocks out much easier than Zircon or Alumino-Silicates. This is because of the Cristobalite formation while pouring which easily breaks down upon cooling.
5) Faster leaching and shell removal - the moment you add fused silica in the shell it helps in the leaching process and it is much easier to remove shell materials off cavities and holes.
6) Consistency and sustainability – Our Fused Silica coming from C-E Minerals (world’s biggest company making Fused silica) being man-made is highly consistent as opposed to Zircon. We also often face supply issues with Zircon whereas there’s no such issue with Fused Silica.
7) Fused Silica is cheaper – the pricing on our Fused Silica is US$ 0.312 per lb. ex-works in Greeneville, TN. We should be able to offer you at US$ 0.42 per lb. ($ 0. 924 per kg approx) CIF Korea Port on full container load basis.

I’ve attached a typical specification sheet of our Fused Silica for your perusal.

Feel free to contact me in case you have further questions. Eagerly waiting for your reply…

Thanks & Regards,

Puneet Gupta
South Asia Territory Manager
Buntrock Industries, Inc.
Phone: +91-9818544122
Fax: +91-11-22717750
Email: puneet.gupta@buntrockindustries.com
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